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English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

Dare to think, dare to write!

Hello dear students,

These last weeks, I have been reading many comments.

However,  I must confess I have been feeling a bit tired and  "uncomfortable" after reading some of your comments.  

In fact, I find quite "interesting" the fact that most of you chose to sum up the books/ articles at some point in your comments. 

When I suggest a reading and ask for your thoughts, opinion, I am looking forward to reading your thoughts and opinion. If I want a summary, I ask for one. :) 

 I want you to think about what you read, to get your own perspective and share your thoughts.  

I know the books, articles I suggest, I have already read them, and I can find a summary anywhere online. What I cannot find is YOUR own perspective and thoughts on them. So BE BRAVE and share your own perspective. Your own reading, feeling and thinking experiences are the most interesting and enriching part of the challenges.

I think that unfortunately schooling has taught us to listen, memorise and repeat, copy and repeat... I believe it is urgent that we take a step forward and empower ourselves and say/ write what we think.

So, power to you!  

Think about this kindly and dare to be brave in the future! 





Dear students,

I hope you are enjoying the last challenges.


This post is about the evaluation:

I want you to complete a creative writing tasks using this great website.

The website generates "random story ideas, plots, subjects, scenarios, characters, first lines for stories and more" for free. 

I want you to try it and to generate some and write a short story. Funny, sad, whatever you want. About 3 pages, I'll say.  More details on your Moodle platform. 


FINAL ESSAY-  To wrap up the whole ERW 2 experience, I want you to write something similar to a Reading log. 

You want to learn more about Reading Logs, try this article. It may inspire you!

And here you can see Moses' version of a reading log :)


So, our Final essay /  Reading log:

I want it to be a mix of "final essay" with the main "insights" from your reading and learning experiences that you have got during this second module. I encourage you to be specific. Go deep. So, I am expecting a final essay, about 2 pages long, with a short introduction and then some paragraphs about your learning experience on reading and writing. Which tasks / readings were relevant to you? Which were your favourite? Which ones were challenging? Why?  Which ones were the most inspiring? Why? And a final paragraph about the whole ERW2 experience.

10 days to complete it and send it to me by email, is that ok? 

If you need more time, feel free to tell me. 

Any concerns, email me.











ERW2_Session 5 - task 2 -The Curious incident...

There is a book  that I love reading and re-reading and sharing with my students who are teachers.

It was written by Mark Haddon and the title is: 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

You can read the whole book for free. It starts with number 2 and it does not follow the typical sequence of numbers... Careful! It is addicting!

I ask you to read a couple of chapters at least. 

What do you think? Thoughts?

And my next post will be about the evaluation task.  

But first I want you to focus on today's two "challenges". 









ERW2- Session 5- Final Week - Task 1_ Emotional Intelligence

Hello dear students,

So this is our last week! 

So, two last "challenges"!

First I want you to take a look at great resources related to Emotional Intelligence. 

Read some articles about Emotional Intelligence and how to develop it through reading and other techniques in ELT classes. 

Article: Teaching Emotional Intelligence in Early Childhood 

Article: Emotional Intelligence and ELT

List: 10 books to help your kids develop their Emotional Intelligence  I love book number 7!

An academic article about E.I. and Bilingual Education.  Integration of Emotional Intelligence Activities in Bilingual Stories for Children by Samira Rahmani and Majid Elahi Shirvan.

Can E.I. get students more motivated to learn another language? What are your guesses? 

Whoever wants more: Here you find a guide on EI 

After reading some articles, share your thoughts on E.I.

Do you have some insights to share?

What activities would you like to try? 







ERW2_ Session 4 - Who lies about reading?

Hello, everyone. 

First of all, I apologize for being late this week. I have been having some problems with the institution. But I am optimistic and everything should get better soon. 

Challenge 1:

This week, I suggest you read this article about reading and lying, written by Chris Taylor.

Have you ever lied about reading? Don't feel ashamed, you are not alone, you'll see :) 

Have you really read any book on the list?


Challenge 2:

Then, of course I want you to read the book (some chapters or the whole book) that is number 1 in the previous article's list. 

Go here and enjoy!

Thoughts? Feelings?







ERW2_Session 3- Funbrain

Dear students, 

I hope you are doing great. 

This week I would like you to get to know two great resources.

Let's start with the first: Funbrain website. 

I ask you to browse the website and get to know its great reading resources. 

Choose one and start reading it! :)

On this same website, you can also find the first Diary of a Wimpy kid,  which has been a huge success. If you do not know this book series, please read a couple of pages to get to know it. You can read a bit about the author here for example. Afterwards, read this amazing reflection by Laura who shares a very relevant perspective on the book. I will never read Jeff's books the same way... 







ERW2_Extra "task"-Nina_Simone_ Ain't got no...

Dear students, 

Hope you are enjoying Maya's book/ chapters. 

Do you know this song by Nina Simone? Ain't got no, I got life? 

Please listen to it carefully and see if you can find a very special moment that reminds me very clearly Maya's visit to the dentist. :)

I love this song and the video of her singing and playing it! So powerful!

What about you? What are your thoughts?

Write your own list: I don't have... I have ...

Take this opportunity to recommend us a song to listen to this week. :)




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