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English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

(ERW1_2018) LAST WEEK - Portfolios and Evaluation

Hello you all!


I hope you are enjoying the last days of 2018.

For our last week / challenge of ERW 1:

I want you to:


1st: Read this article. by Nassif It is about Using Portfolios in the classroom.

Any experiences using portfolios?  As teachers? As students? 

What were/are your thoughts during and after reading the article? 


2nd: I want you to check this tool online: Journoportfolio 

(Focus on the free version - there is no need to spend money on it unless you wish, of course). What did you think of it? Would you use it? 


3rd: I want to go to our Moodle platform and read the instructions for the evaluation task, carefully. It is due on 14/01/2019. Any problem/ question  let me know asap. 


Watch this video by Mr. Bean before/ when/ if freaking out with the evaluation task.  : ) 



BTW, I had to change the dates 2019 (last week 2018 and ERW 2) because there were wrong! I used 2018 calendar! They are very similar. Any issue with the new schedule, let me know. It is available on our Moodle platform under "Read carefully". 





Any doubts, email me.




ERW1_2018/19 - Extra Challenge - Merry Christmas!

Hello dear students, 

I was listening to this magical song "Arrival of the Birds" and I really want to share it with you, let's say, as a Christmas present, if you want :) 

I propose two tasks:

1. Listen to it. No rush. It's almost 8 minutes long.  

2. After listening to it, what thoughts / feelings did you get when listening to it? 

3. Write a creative story with this song.  :) What is this song about? You may use this great tool to help you get some ideas, names (just by clicking on the left menu you may get names, settings, whatever you may need to start and continue creative stories). 


They are optional tasks. :) or it wouldn't be a present, don't you agree with me? :) 

Have a beautiful week!



P.S.: Feel free to contact me by email if you need anything. 


ERW1_2018/19- Sessão 4 . Challenge 1 and only :) - Academic Writing

Hello, dear students!

I hope you are doing great. 

This week I would like to challenge you to read some - at least 3 -  academic articles. 

I chose two and I kindly ask you to add another one. 

1. First task:  

Before reading the articles, write about your predictions, expectations, fears, feelings about this task.



 During / After reading the following articles, write your thoughts about: 

- Experience reading the articles (Easy, challenging vocabulary?)

- The content of the article.  Did you learn anything worth sharing/ discussing? Anything surprising?  


2.1. First article to read: 

Challenges in Teaching English to Young Learners: Global Perspectives and Local Realities by 

Fiona Copland, Sue Garton, and anne Burns. 


2.2.  Second one to read: 

Leading Role of Educators in English Language Teaching for Young Learners by 

J.L. Du, P.F. Yu and M.L. Li from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, China, Griffith University, Australia. 


2.3. Third one: 

Use this website and / or  Google Scholar to find more articles that may be relevant to you and your career. 



Finally, If you were writing an academic article, what would be your research issue? Check these tips of advice to help you choose :)


Have a great week!

By the way, we are almost finishing our first module.

On Friday I'm giving you the instructions for the final assessement/task.



Enjoy your reading and writing!







ERW1_2018/19- Sessão 3 . Challenge 4. Raising a princess

Challenge 4.

The last reading and writing challenge for this week. 

Raising a princess single-handedly  by Simon Van Booy.

Please read it with time. 

I have been sharing this article for years and I still find it worthy to share!

4.1. Read it, share your opinion on it. 


4.2. Then, I want you to write a similar article but now the narrator is the princess herself. So the same story, but from a different point of view. How does the princess take care of her father? 


4.3. Under the section Modern Love you'll find other great short stories about modern love. Choose one and share your reading experience. Do you recommend it? 


I look forward to reading your thoughts and stories!









ERW1_2018/19- Sessão 3 . Challenge 3. HONY

For our third reading and writing challenge I want you to get to know this beautiful, amazing, inspiring website called Human of New York by Brandon Stanton.  Brandon photographes people on the street and starts a conversation with them. What people share may change the way you think about life, others, etc. This project has been a huge success and it has been able to raise millions for people, schools, communities in need just by sharing the stories on Facebook! 

3.1. The website is organised in three sections: Stories, Countries and Series. Please start with Stories. Read some and then share your favourite. Then continue with the other two sections Countries and Series. 


3.2. If Brandon had interviewed you last time you were getting home, what would you have said? 






ERW1_2018/19- Sessão 3 . Challenge 1. Tim Burton's poems

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying our sessions together! 

Please remember to comment each others' replies and have conversations. :)

This week, to start, I want you to read something different that I really like.  

Please go here and have fun!

Read some poems (or all, why not?) by the amazing Tim Burton (yes, the film director) and share your thoughts (which is your favourite poem?) and write your own poem inspired by Tim Burton's poetry. Choose a weird character with a weird story and write a poem! 

I am looking forward to reading your opinions and poems! 


ERW1_2018/19- Sessão 2 . Challenge 4. Reading and Writing

Now, a bit longer reading activities.

I would like you to read (and if you want, complete the tasks - they are worthy) a couple of short stories. 


My choice first:


Start with this one: The pink bow tie by Paul Jennings. Enjoy!

I really like it. After reading it, share your thoughts on it.

Don't read your classmates' comments before reading the story! :) 

Writing task: What would you do if you had the Age Rager? 



Choose another short story from the same website, and after reading it share your thoughts on it (summarise it first, without spoiling the end, and share your thoughts).  


That's it for this week!

Yes, really!

Enjoy and keep reading and writing!    






ERW1_2018/19- Sessão 2 . Challenge 3. Writing

Challenge 3.

This one focusing on writing using the resources available at the same previous website from the British council.

The website suggests many good writing essays.

Try to complete this one. I know it looks boring (who wants to read a web tool review? :D)  but I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. It is well-written, gives many good tips for writing, and you can also take a look at the tool itself! :) You can also get inspired and write one too about another different web tool! You choose! Do the tasks as well!  

I have been in love with the web tool Mentimeter since I was in Birmingham at Newman University for International Staff Week. Do you know it? And I still like Wordle! Do you know word clouds, aka visual summaries? 


Choose another topic to write about from the British Council page! And share your experience / thoughts. Would you recommend it? 








ERW1_2018/19- Sessão 2 . Challenge 2. Reading - level 2

Now Challenge 2.


First, I would like you to read a couple of articles from the teenagers' version of the same website by the British Council.

Read these ones: 

The right mindset 

How to be happy 

Two Remarkable people

Did you enjoy them? Did you find them easy or challenging to understand?

Other thoughts?



Then, choose another one to read and then share your thoughts on it with us. Remember to summarise it first very quickly (title, main topic, reason for choosing it) and then your thoughts on it.   



Another challenge using this same website. It is a grammar challenge.  Click here to complete the level test. I think it is a very interesting exercise because besides choosing the answer you need to think to what extent you are sure or not of your answer. In my opinion, the self-assessment part is very relevant, namely for us, teachers. Do you agree?

Do the test first and and then share your experience!




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