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English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

ERW1_2018/19- Session 1 . Challenge 7 - Improve your language skills

During this first module I encourage you to improve your level of English. Be aware of your weaknesses and try to transform them into strengths.

Complete this task for example to see if you need grammar revisions. And then this one.   Explore the website, challenge yourself and follow your own needs. If you need help or have questions, share them here in the comment section and / or email me. 

Don't feel ashamed of not knowing everything, nobody does! And you are doing something about it, aren't you? So, be proud and keep going!


And laugh!     I love the 17th! :D 


P.S. That is it for this week. Enjoy! 

ERW1_2018/19- Session 1 . Challenge 6 - Writing 6.2. The SuperPowers of Writing :)

Finally, I kindly ask you to read this article "As easy as ABC" (it is just the title but it is easy indeed to understand  :) by Jim Pollard and this one by Joanna Penn  about the powers of writing.

How often do you write? What do you write?  Any therapeutic or/and creative writing? How do you feel when writing?

You may take a look at your list on writing from previous Challenge.


I used to write a lot when I was younger, mostly my diary/ journal, and I still write when I am experiencing a challenging moment. It helps me expose my feelings, free my thinking and overcome whatever I am going through.  

Please share your thoughts in the comment section and interact with each other in a respecful and curious manner. 




ERW1_2018/19- Session 1 . Challenge 6 - Writing 6.1. Types, tips and stages.

Now our last challenge for this week: about writing.

Please read first this short article   about different writing styles. Do you agree? Would you add any other styles? 

When writing an essay, what are your rules/ stages for writing? 

After answering this question, read this article by Thomas Hills. 


Now, let's move on to writing in a foreign language, like in English for example: What other tips of advice would you add to the list? 

When writing in English, what stages do you follow? 

Write them down as a list and share them! And let's see if we can create one great final list together.




P.S.: By the way, do you know the P-O-W-E-R technique? Can you guess what it may be? 






ERW1_2018/19- Session 1 . Challenge 5.2. The Rights of the Reader by Pennac

Please now that you have read and hopefully thought about and discussed Daniel Pennac's first pages take a look at his Rights of the Reader in this beautiful poster. 

Thoughts? Do they cause any discomfort?

They can be quite provocative for us teachers/ parents, don't you think? 

Who is going to print out the poster? 

I am!

Yes, again! :)



and yes, I'm still "making you read" whatever that means :D for this course... But it is a relevant discussion don't you think?

ERW1_ 2018/19 - Session 1 - Challenge 5.1 - Rights of the Reader I

Have you ever heard about the Rights of the Reader by Daniel Pennac (Comme un roman)?

It is an amazing book. I find his rights of the Reader truly provocative and inspiring!

Please read the first pages available online as pdf of the following book. It is in website. You can google it or just go to our Moodle page. 

Please feel free to skim (you know skimming right? from our previous challenge), so feel free to skim through the foreword by Quentin Blake. Then "read" carefully the drawings and the first pages of the book (the whole pdf itself, in fact). 

How do you feel? 

Share your emotions, thoughts, questions in the comment section. 




ERW1_2018/2019- Session 1 - Challenge 4 - Types of Reading

Now that you have already written about your last ten things that you have written, I want you to read this article by Maija MacLeod about types of reading.

Any thoughts? 

Taking into account the list shared in Challenge 1 about Reading, what kinds of reading have you mostly done lately?

What type(s) of reading is your favourite? What types of reading do we use in our classrooms? 


Share your thoughts in the comment section and feel free to interact with each other.



ERW1_201819 - Session 1 - Challenge 3 -Writing

I propose a similar task for Challenge 3 (finally, I corrected it!), this time for Writing.

Make a list with the last ten things you have written (by hand or digitally).  Write a reflection about your list. Anything in English? Anything you would like to change? 

Remember to answer in the comment section and comment other classmates' replies.

Looking forward to reading your answers and getting to know you better!







ERW1_201819 - Session 1 - Challenge 2 - Reading

What have you been reading lately? What do you remember reading? 

Think about it and write the last ten things you have read. It could be anything really. 

After making your list with the ten last things you have read, write a short reflection about what it shows about you and your recent reading habits. Have you been reading what you normally like reading? Is that all in Poruguese? Anything in English?

This is also a different way to know each other. 

I am looking forward to reading your replies. 

Remember to answer using the comment section and also to comment your classmates' replies.  Remember too to come back another day to read more comments.  

Best wishes,





(ERW_1_2018/19) - Session 1 - Challenge 1 - Your analysis SWOT

Here goes the 1st Challenge of the week:

First, I want you to get to know what a SWOT analysis is, you may want to read this article on it and afterwards I ask you to do your own SWOT analysis. 

""The product" or "enterprise" to analyse is "You as a student of Reading and Writing in English". 

What are your Strengths? Weaknesses?

What are the Opportunities and Threats in this new academic enterprise?

For each section, try to identify 5 elements. 




ERW1_ 2018/19 - WELCOME everyone!

Hello everyone!

I'm Natali, your English teacher for the module ERW. 

May I ask you first to introduce yourself, please? Feel free to make up a name or just put your first name or last name, or just initials and some general information.  

Feel free to ask each other questions, as well. 

Then, after introducing yourself share a quote, picture or video (funny, inspiring, whatever you prefer) about the process of learning English.


Best wishes for this incredible journey that is starting now!

3,2,1, GO! :)



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