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English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

(ERW2_2018) Do you want to practice your GRAMMAR skills?

Hello dear students, 


I hope everything is fine! 

I recommend that after finishing your written tasks you take a couple of days off (if possible) and then read all again to check spelling, grammar or even content.

So, my advice is before submitting your work, take a careful look at it, show it to someone else, a classmate for example, if you wish to get some feedback, go back to your grammar if you have doubts (we all have and tahnks god we do!), breath deeply and then yes submit it!    


In case you feel you still need some grammar practice, consider using these two websites related to two great grammar books 

Grammar One (Oxford University Press)

Grammar Two (Oxford university Press)


For each book you have several units, and in each unit your have short grammar, vocabulary and listening tasks. Give them a try before or after submitting your final essays!


And of course, enjoy the process! 


Have a great life!



ERW2 - Asperger's day

I've just realized that today we commemorate Asperger's Day.


So, let me suggest you two great readings.


The first is a guide that looks very interesting and useful to get to know more about this syndrome and how to deal with it as an educator. 


The second is a great story that I normally ask my ERW2 students to read: The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon. 

Most students enjoy it a lot because it's easy to read and it's very relevant to understand a lot better Asperger's syndrome! 


Believe me, it is a great mystery novel! Read the first pages and you'll see! :)  

Yes, and the first chapter starts with number "2" but there is a good reason. Read and you'll understand! ;) 


Please feel free to share your experiences related to this topic. 



ERW2 the password

Dear students,


We have just realized that the password for ERW2 (Moodle Plaform) is the same but with the previous academic year. ;)


Any doubt, email me!



(ERW2_2018) 6- Your blog.

Hello everyone, 


So ERW2 is finishing! 



In your blog, I expect to read: 


- A title and short paragraph about you and your blog, some pictures to make it more attractive.

 (You can generate visual messages for each writen essays with cloud generators: try this!)

- Your creative short story (with the random ingredients)

- 1 book review (Funbrain)

- 5 tasks on EmotionaI Intelligence (task with short paragraph)

- 1 final essay with your main conclusions comparing your expectations versus the reality for this module, you as a writer and reader in the beginning of January versus you in the end of February and so on.

- Anything else that you would like to share. It's your blog! :)


The final date to send me your blog details is 26/02. 


For your final grade I'll take into account your own blog and your participation in this blog ERW2.

Check our Moodle platform to get more details on final evaluation. 


Anything you need, email me.




(ERW2_2018) 5- The final task!

Dear students, 


The final task is related to the issue of Emotional Intelligence. :) 


I want you to take a careful look at some great free guides for young learners. I believe you'll find them very useful and inspiring. 

Let's see!


The name of the guides are:

[pdf] Emotional Intelligence for children ages (...)


Google this: "pdf ohio emotional intelligence for" and you'll get 5 pdf documents from 

The guides are a collection of tasks which are organised in 5 categories (you can see them listed in the beginning of the guide): 

Intrapersonal scales

Interpersonal scales

Adaptability scale

Stress management

General mood scale


For the final task (YEY!!!) I want you to complete one task from each category (you may choose your tasks from the same guide or from different guides/ differents ages).  So, in total 5 tasks. 

So, choose the document with the age range that you prefer or take a look at all of them and chose 5 tasks, 1 per category.


I personnally think that

- the versions 11-12 or 13-18 are great to contribute to your own personal and social development in a more "adult" way.

- the versions for younger students 2-4, 5-7, 8-10 are great too because they contribute to your professional development since you test the materials that you may want to use with your students.  


They are all quite great but of course they are all quite different. 


Share the result of your 5 tasks in your blog.

I suggest that you include a short paragraph explaining your choice, expectations and final thoughts for each completed task at the beginning or at the end of the task.

Some questions that may help you write that short paragraph are: Why did you choose that task? What did you learn from completing it? How did you feel when completing it? How did you feel at the end? How would you use it in your class?

Each task will be a different entry in your blog to make it more attractive for your readers. 

Please remember to mention the source of the task (website, guide chosen, category and task chosen).


Any doubt let me know. 










(EWR2) 4- Emotional intelligence

Hello dear students, 


I have just come back from a training in Italy on Emotional Intelligence. I decided to use this experience to design the final task of our class. I hope you'll like it! 


First, I would like you to read this article on Emotional Intelligence and then this one on how to increase it in the classroom. 

What do you think? What are your thoughts/ emotions? 


Secondly, I recently bought this book for my family: In my heart: A book of feelings by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey. 

Have you read it? 


Please search for and read a book that has emotions as main theme. Then, share with us your emotions about it!

This list may help you get started. 








(ERW2_2018) 3- BLOG - read me!

Hello dear students, 


This module instead of adding your creative writing story and book review(s) to the Writing Portfolio that you have created online for our first module, I want you to start using another tool: A BLOG! 


I think that starting an online portfolio and now a blog are very relevant learning experiences. Hopefully, you'll agree with me by the end of the ERW course.

I also hope these experiences become very rewarding experiences too. I also believe they may be useful tools, good examples to share with other people like potential employers. Who knows? Who knows if you keep posting things in your writing portfolio and blog and become famous and rich? :D  


About blogs: 

Blogs are usually free (they have paid options too, but the free options are great and more than enough!), they are easy to start, customise, manage and share. Personally, I have used and I like Sapo, Blogspot and Wordpress blogging platforms.


Before you start, read this article about starting your own blog by the Minimalists (I truly admire its authors for their message and great posts on minimalism). Then read their article about 15 great reasons to start a blog. Please read them carefully.  

Do you agree with their list? Would you add other reasons? 


About you: 

Tell us about your blogging experience. 

1- Are you a blogger? Do you have a personal blog? What do you share on it? When/ how did you start? Do you get interesting feedback from readers?

Personallly, I've had a couple of blogs. The one that I still nurture with care is one that I created when I was pregnant of my first child (I have three little kids). There I tell what is going on in our lives, how they grow, funny things they do, etc. It's very special to me. In fact, I started it because I don't know if I'm going to die young (I know this sounds quite tragic...) and I want them to have an idea of who I am, about the relationship we had and what I felt being their mother. Does that make sense?   


2- Do you follow any blogs? What blogs do you follow? Tell us about your experience as a follower and readers of blogs. 

I love blogs!

I think we are living a wonderful moment in time where for free (or almost for free because we do need internet connection, a writing device and some knowledge/ education) so, I was saying or writing(!): we are living a great moment in history where we can share and voice our opinions freely, where we can share material, knowledge, etc. Take for example Youtube videos! Of course, we must be careful with fake information, online scams and so, but in my opinion, internet and its platforms are great places to contribute to the much needed (r)evolution of society!

What are your thoughts on this? 










(ERW2_2018) 2- READING TASK 1

Hello again and welcome to our second module.


As I mentioned in my last post, for this module I want you to start reading books and loving the experience!

Yes, in English and yes, from the front cover to the back cover! 

Let's start!


Please go to FUNBRAIN website and choose (at least) one book to read.  

In this website, you can read many books online. You'll find mostly books for young readers, so they are simple and fun to read.   


For example, you'll find: 

The famous and first Diary of a Banana by Jeff Kinney 

Tom Gates' books (take a look at his website as well for great resources: Tom Gates' website)

The Cat that Broke the Internet's Back (on cyber bullying with a great final message)

and many many others.


Choose one for this week from the website Funbrain, read it and share here your thoughts about the experience of reading a book in English. 


Then, write a book review to be added in your writing portfolio. in the blog that you are going to create. Read my next post. 

Are you wondering how to write a good book review? I thought so. :)  Read this and get inspired! :) 







P.S.: Remember the Reader's Rights by Pennac!









Let's start our second module!

 I want you to keep reading (this time whole books) and to start writing your own story / book!

Yes, that's true! Scary? Maybe! But just dare and do it! :D


Avoid procrastination!  (By the way, what's procrastination?)


The writing part: 


This task may seem a big elephant! But start now and little by little you'll get it done! 

To complete this task I want you to USE THIS TOOL

This website will help you get started with creative writing and help you overcome potential writing blocks. 

It will generate names of characters, jobs, cities, lines, give you some random words and so on.

You will be writing the (who knows?!) craziest story ever written! 


I'm expecting a three chapter story for example (1 page per chapter I think would be ok, but write as much as you want) with (at least) 10 suggestions from the above mentioned tool. The final "product" is going to be your story and the suggestions given by the website. So, remember to record (with print screens for example) the suggestions given by the website that you are using to write your story, so I can get a sense of your writing process and creativity.


For example, in order to start your story go to the tool and:

- Generate a first line or

- Go to the Plot generator or

- Choose a random Story Title

- or a random line of a dialogue

(or others!)

Every time you feel blocked, "without inspiration", go back to the website and generate random words, random lines, random scenarios, random pictures, whatever you want. When you are introducing or describing a place, person or moment, generate the details with the tool. 




You can generate right now ten or more "ingredients" (choose from the list given by the website in the menu on your left) and put them together in your story.


Note: If you really don't like what you get, you can, of course, press the button again and the website will generate a new suggestion. There are many, many options!



Think of this creative writing task like a cooking show:


The ten ingredients given were (10 suggestions generated by the program) ....

and this is the final product (your story): ... 


Remember: You can get the ingredients in the beginning or you can start with a couple of them and keep adding till you get 10 (or more).  

When you finish it, put it in your portfolio. 


BEFORE WRITING, share your feelings about the task, the tool (try it just for fun!) and the videos (Dare and procrastination).  

How do you feel right now? Excited? Panicking? Overwhelmed? Inspired? 


And then, dare and start writing! 


Share your story in your BLOG (see my next post on blogs)


And of course, enjoy! 









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