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English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

English Reading and Writing

Read, write and enjoy the journey! Share your thoughts! Think out of the box! Be kind! Do I make mistakes? That's ok. I'm learning and this is a long and great journey!

7- The power of therapeutic writing

What did you think about the article on Therapeutic Writing?


This one Margarita Tartakovsky is also interesting. It offers three different ways of writing: Free writing, Pen poetry and Letter to a loved one. 


And this one asks very powerful questions and gives interesting advice: 

"Pick the questions that resonate with you, and respond to them in a journal. If you’re unsure of your answers, do some experimenting. Carry a small notebook with you, and jot down what catches your eye; what you like and don’t like; what surprises you; what you really want; what nourishes you deeply. Jot down your thoughts and feelings — how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking at different points of the day. See if you can spot any patterns that might reveal your priorities or any other key insights." 


Read the articles and share your thoughts! 



5- To procrastinate or not to procrastinate... That is the question, or is it?

How to avoid procrastination? 

How do you procrastinate? When? why?


Let's go back and first answer this question:


What is procrastination? 


Do you own research and find articles and videos on this topic.

Share the best ones with us and explain why you chose to share that video or article with us.  


Have fun!





4- Are you becoming smarter?


"Although many people believe intelligence is limited to those with high I.Q.s, there are a number of potential methods to boost one’s cognitive abilities and become more effective at various professional and personal pursuits.

With enough motivation and determination, anyone can expand their mental capabilities and become smarter. Integrating new habits into your regular routine and providing proper stimulation can sharpen your intellect quickly and leave you inspired to take on new challenges each day. Brain health is an important key in complete physical health. The list below includes the best brain-engaging activities in daily life."

Keep reading the article.

Discuss with your classmates which things you do, which you don't, which you would love to do, which surprised you and finally which you think are missing and thus you would add to the list, etc.






3- This week's reading: "Raising a princess single-handedly"

"Raising a princess single-handedly"   NYTimes, 2009


Share your thoughts about the text.


Did it bring any memories from your childhood?

From your own life?


I personally love this text. 

The first time I read it I was in the subway in NYC and it really touched me...

Impossible to forget!


What about you? Did you like it?


Haven't you read it, yet?

Give it a try! Read it and (hopefully) enjoy it!


"Best readings and writings", 



2- Why are you learning English?

Watch these videos and share your thoughts!


Maybe because you just want to help someone... 

Do you know the difference between "sinking" and "thinking"? 


or because you hate subtitles...

How would you feel if they used subtitles when you spoke?


or you feel you need to improve your pronunciation... 

How do you feel about different accents? I confess it is still hard for me to understand Brazilian accent for instance. What about you? 


or need to broaden your vocabulary...

Sometimes words can lead to misunderstandings and great jokes! 


or because you want to understand some songs (well in fact it's German, but it's still funny!)...


or understand the lyrics at a different level... 


Enjoy, laugh and share your thoughts!

 Which one was your favourite video?




Have fun!




1 - Welcome everyone!



In order to get to know each other, I encourage you all to introduce yourselves and to participate actively in this blog.

Share your thoughts, participate in the discussions and "talk" to each other. 

Remember, your participation in this blog counts for your final grade! 



So, who are you? 

What do you do?

Where are you living?

What are your interests?

Why are you taking this course?

How do you feel about it?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?


I look forward to meeting you all! 





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